brandie moses full boobs

Hometown: Arkansas
Stats: 34C-23-32
Height: 5'5
Weight: 100
Location: Los Angeles, California

About me, hmmm... where do I even begin????
Well, I grew up in a town of 5,000 people in Arkansas. Most of my friends were cheerleaders, but I was the tomboy in school playing basketball, tennis, and track. I was always really petite, but a fireball inside. I think my first technical foul in basketball was in 7th grade! lol I am very competitive! After high school, I went on to the University of Arkansas and majored in Psychology.
lady full boobs brandie mosesMy goal was to join the FBI and become a criminal profiler. That all changed when I graduated! I absolutely love Arkansas and think it is one of the most beautiful states, but I am a beach bum at heart. So, I sold everything I owned and put my dog and clothes in my car and went on a crazy summer road trip. One stop was Port Aransas, TX. It is a small island just off the coast. I eventually settled nearby and got a house in Corpus Christi. Soon after, I was spotted by a Playboy photographer and that is when my life changed drastically!

Considering that I grew up in the middle of the bible belt, I was very hesitant on posing nude. However, after lots of consideration and discussion with my family, I decided to go for it! Since then, I have been modeling full time and loving every moment of it!!! I currently live in Los Angeles, since that is where most of my work is located. Aside from the traffic, LA is a great city!!!

brandie moses lady full perky boobsPeople often ask me what my goal is in life. Since I am such a spontaneous person, I can't really answer that. I tend to live in the moment and just go with what feels right at the time. Even if I had a plan for my life, I'm certain it would change.
My friends would agree that I live in the moment. I am known to pack a bag on a whim and just head to Vegas. I seldom ever turn down a good time. I am very laid back and go with the flow. My friends laugh at me because majority of the time I would pick Taco Bell over any 5 star restaurant. I never watch tv, but do enjoy a good movie on occasion. Of course I enjoy going to the spa, but definitely not a regular. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, you have to work really hard to get me in a dress. I love animals and desparately want a monkey. I love drinking wine at home with my girlfriends while we bash guys.

My favorite person in the world is my niece. She lives in AR, but I am debating kidnapping her and bringing her to LA! I am very, very close to my parents and we talk almost every day. I admit that I have made mistakes in my life, but absolutely have no regrets! I have learned from all of my mistakes and it has made me a stronger person. I have been in love 3 times in my life. I am the worst liar in the world!! I am like an open book and most people can read me well after knowing me a very short time.

At one time in my life, I thought I never wanted kids but now that has completely changed! I can't wait to start a family, but definitely don't see it happening any time soon. I never forget and sometimes have a hard time forgiving. I enjoy camping almost as much as staying at a 5 star hotel. Some people consider me a picky eater, but I disagree. I just don't eat anything green. Just keep the salads away and we're fine! Why is that so hard? Meat, potatoes, mac&cheese and I am VERY happy!! I always arrive 10 minutes early and can't stand people who are always late. When arguing, I prefer to just talk... please don't yell! I can hear your point in a normal tone of voice just as well as if you are screaming it in my ear. Speaking of ears, I don't like to get water in my ears. Yes, of course I go swimming and I deal with it, I just don't like it. I love shooting guns and feel that every single girl should take shooting lessons. My friends think I am weird because I have conversations with my pets. I swear they understand what I am saying!!! I love acting stupid and dancing around the house, I am not afraid to bust out in the roger rabbit or the bus driver. I am tone deaf and can't sing at all!!! I am horrible!

My favorite movie is Tombstone and I can quote every line! I like to keep my house clean, but absolutely hate doing laundry and dishes!!! I do love shopping! I tend to buy a lot of jewelry that I never wear. I also hate trying on clothes, so I just buy them then get home and they look horrible so hang in my closet with the tags still on for a year. I love, love, love buying shoes! My favorite color is yellow, but for some reason my entire house is decorated with red. I hate when I have to set an alarm. I love cuddling. Gentle kisses on my neck and ears and I am all yours. I hate sitting in airports. Sunglasses at night is NOT cool! Don't know who told you it was, but they lied. I love telling stories, but for some reason I tend to think my stories are more hysterical than they actually are. It often takes me 30 minutes to tell a story because I am laughing so hard that I just can't get it out. However, the other person doesn't even find it funny. Some people need to get a sense of humor! Admit it... I'm Funny! I love construction work and of course own a tool belt. I know it's weird, but I'm fascinated with serial killers. I'm not sick, just would love to get in their head to see why they are so fucked up. Oh yeah, I tend to curse just a bit. My favorite vacation is anything tropical. If I say I am going to do something, I always do it. I love my friends and would do anything for them.

Brandie Moses
269 S Beverly Dr #621
Beverly Hills, CA 90212