Skye Kamholtz - hot girls pics

Skye Kamholtz - hot girls pics
Skye Kamholtz

About me
“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

There are so many ways photography - and consequently modeling - plays a role in our society.

From my experience, I have observed an underlying value and goal that all photographers, models, hair stylists, mua's and wardrobe stylists hold dear and why we all get up in the morning and why we all try so hard - and that is to achieve an image that tells a story.

Whatever your role, whatever your genre, images fall short when a story has not been created.

Skye Kamholtz - hot girls pics I feel modeling is only one part of a kaleidoscope of elements that make an image unforgettable. I am very passionate about the whole process of creating fabulous images and really enjoy images that have a story beyond the obvious.

You can see and feel when a model, stylist, MUA, Hair stylist and photographer have the same vision - those are the images you keep staring at, that you keep going back to look at again - and each time, it says more to you than it did before.

There are millions of models in the world and millions of photographers - but the beauty of what we do comes to life in unimaginable ways when the right match is made.

It is true that nothing and no - one is perfect, however, as the quote above reminds us - sometimes when you are following your inspiration and creative spirit mistakes can happen, but sometimes that is what makes an image unforgettable.

Skye Kamholtz - hot girls pics As this is my belief I have to admit I can be picky about who I work with - which isn't me being cocky because that is not at all my personality. It is rather that I like to viewed in a classy, creative way - I want my visions brought to life as well as the photographers and everyone involved and am eager to work with people who match me.. who will make a vibrant kaleidescope of ideas with me.

I have alot of my own ideas and am very keen to hear the ideas of others. I feel that part of a wonderful pairing is trust. Trust in each other's ideas, professionalism and personality.

Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. Trust your counterparts. And never hope more than you work.

I am outgoing, I am insightful, I am an actress at heart and can be very entertaining. At the same time, I take modeling and all that I do very seriously and inject my ideas and thoughts were I can.

Skye Kamholtz - hot girls pics We are all here to help each other, and together create beautiful images - whatever our genre.

I am currently looking to revamp my portfolio and would love to work with amazing photographers, MUA's, Hair stylists and wardrobe stylists. I am also wanting to work with other models to create combined images.

I am open to many ideas and you never know what we can come up with together!
I do ask that a form be signed to clarify our agreed arrangements. I feel this limits any misunderstandings and makes it clear to all parties involved what is expected from them.

I am also very interested in any promotional work or acting gigs as I have much experience in this area and am very personable.