Zdenka Micka

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Zdenka Micka was born on December 30, 1976 in the beautiful village of Stepanov which is located in the Czech Republic. The village is about 10 km away from the town of Olomouc and is surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful Jeseniky Mountains.

Biography and Career:

When Zdenka Micka was 16 years old, some friends sent her pictures to a beauty contest. A short time later, Zdenka Micka received an invitation in the mail to attend the semi-finals. Zdenka Micka went (even though her Mom wasn't too thrilled about it) and was lucky enough to have won 1st Runner Up Miss Moravskoslezsky Den, Miss Photo and Miss Publicum all on the same night!
girls nice full boobsOne of the judges at the competition was a very famous Czech photographer named Jadran Setlik. Mr. Setlik offered Zdenka Micka modeling jobs in Vienna, Austria and Prague, Czech Republic. That is how Zdenka Micka began her career as a model!

Zdenka Micka currently hold 9 titles. Around that time, Zdenka Micka also had an opportunity to work for the Metropolitan Agency in Paris, France. Zdenka Micka left home to try it out but all of the travel involved in being a model wasn't to her liking - after all, she was still only 16 years old! Zdenka Micka returned home to the Czech Republic.

Modeling wasn't Zdenka Micka's only dream career. Zdenka Micka had a good friend who worked as a radio announcer and she had always admired his work. One day Zdenka Micka heard they were looking for new radio announcers at a local station - Radio Pohoda. Zdenka Micka didn't tell anyone at home and she went to the station. To her surprise, the audition went very well and Zdenka Micka was hired. Zdenka Micka's Mom almost fell off her chair when she told her. Everybody knew Zdenka Micka as a quiet girl who never talked too much. After a few weeks of training Zdenka Micka's radio career started. In time, Zdenka Micka worked at several radio stations: Radio Pohoda, Radio Hana, Radio AZ and Radio Crystal. It was an amazing experience! Zdenka Micka loved it so much that she also became a Production Manager. Radio was great but eventually Zdenka Micka was forced to quit in order to come to Canada. Zdenka Micka got the opportunity to come here and I took it.

girls nice full boobsZdenka Micka's original plan was to stay 1 year and study English. Somehow she stayed a "little" longer than she expected.

She discovered photography which she absolutely love. It has been almost 14 years in modeling industry which gave Zdenka Micka a great knowledge and experience.

What Zdenka Micka love the most, is working with new models or women which never appeared in front of the camera. Zdenka Micka love teaching them what she have learned.... and she love to see their reaction when they see the results for the very first time.